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Here you can look at things you can do in your spare time.
Im going to list somethings you can do but if you have any activities e-mail me and ill post them can e-mail me at


How To Make your Hair Smooth and Silky:
What you need:
1.jojoba oil
1.Get into clothes that are old and that you dont like
2.Make sure its around the time you havent washed your hair and you need to whash it.
3.Put the jojoba oil in your hair.Make sure its in every strand and it is tuching your scalp.
4.Let it sit there for as long as you want. Let it stay there for at least a few hours.
5.Wash your hair as you normally do.
End result:Beautiful shiny hair!

Embarassing & Gross Moments
Here you can e-mail me and tell me your most embarrasing and gross moments.

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