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Orange Love
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Hi, My nickname is Micky ( i cant tell my real name my mom would kill me) and...
I was born in Italy and moved here when i was 8.
I like 2 dance,swim,surf the net and sing really loud ( im really good at that).

My dog

My dog's name is Melly ( long story how I got that name) she is a mix between a German shepard and some other dog.

She loves to play and give kisses 2 EVERYBODY she is super scared of the pool so she always barks at it,lol,

When i get a really good picture ill post it on here

Till next Time



Favorite Stuff

Favorite TV Show: Spongebob
Favorite Movie: Matrix Reloded
Favorite Music: Rap,Hip Hop
Favorite Book: Harry Potter S.
Favorite Sports Team: Tampa Bay Bucs
Favorite Food: Pizza
People I Most Admire: My parents

Fave Deffinition

My fave deffinition is:

Interest: attention with intention.

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